Pendleton Music Company is dedicated to providing high quality instruments and accessories for musicians at every level. Too many aspiring musicians become frustrated with the limitations and frequent repairs required by poor quality, low-end instruments, or frustrated by how difficult they can be to play. It is the goal of the PMC to find the highest-quality merchandise available and to offer it for the lowest possible cost. To support that endeavor, we also offer repair services provided by local, community-known repairmen and lessons by highly qualified instructors with years of both teaching and performing experience.

Our brass and woodwind repairs are handled by Aaron Engum. Aaron recently returned to Pendleton after working in Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC as an instrument repair specialist. We are incredibly lucky to have his skills back in our community and available through Pendleton Music Co..

Our staff includes Naomi Thompson, Jared Pennington, and Angela Thompson. Instructors from throughout the region are available for lessons and assistance.

About Us

It is the goal of the founding team to provide a full line of new instruments for purchase, to provide a substantial support foundation in education and repair services, and to provide the highest-quality student rental instruments available.

340 South Main Street Pendleton, OR 97801 // info@pendletonmusic.com // 541-276-6621

Naomi Thompson is the newest member of out team. With a background in orchestral music she is our resident music reader and school music liaison. She is just starting her music career and we expect her to become a regular sight in the Eastern Oregon music scene.