Eastern Oregon Bands

Wheat Town

Style: Red dirt country and rock.

Original music: Originals and covers.

Members: Scott Wilson on vocals and guitar, Al “Tater” Tibbets on lead guitar, Mark Royal on bass, Jim White on drums, and Marla Millton on keyboard.

Description: Rocking country originals with just enough cover tunes to make you sing along. Great for parties and dancing. Check out their facebook page here.

Imperial Twang

Style: Rockin’ country originals

Original music: Originals and the odd cover.

Members:Jef Farley guitar and vocals, Shaner Applegate guitar and vocals, Jim White drums and vocals, Alex Corona bass, Isaac Callender fiddle and mandolin.

Description: If Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan, and Willie Nelson played in a band together this is what it would sound like. Check out their facebook page here.

James Dean Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys

Style: Sock-hop

Original music: Originals and covers.

Members: James Dean Kindle, Brian Baird, Matt VanSickle, Peter Walters

Description: While traveling in search of a new population to save, James Dean Kindle stumbled uppon a band of paupers playing for rats in an alley behind the Rainbow in Pendleton, Oregon. Their clothes in taters and their bellies lean, The Eastern Oregon Playboys couldn't refuse Kindle's offer: "Play as my band and I will grant you three wishes..."

Check out their facebook page here.

Emily Callender

Style: Bluegrass

Original music: Originals and traditional

Members: Andy Cary, Emily Callender, Alan Feves, Dan Emert and Peter Willis

Description: High and lonesome with blazing instrumentals and spine chilling three and four part harmony. “If you like bluegrass you are going to love this band...”

Visit their website.

Wasteland Kings

Style: Pop-rock.

Original music: Originals and covers.

Members: Luke Mckern, Roger Barnes, Curt Perry, Kris Mallory

Description: ”Buncha’ hooligans and misfits with social downfalls beyond compare.” Check out their myspace page here.

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